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A Quick Review of the Top 9 Best Social Media Automation Tools to Use in 2019

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Social Media Marketing can be a daunting task for a single person, but sometimes we simply don’t have the budget to pay an expert to manage it for us.

More importantly, as a single person, a small business owner or social media manager it’s better to utilize our time developing and implementing our digital marketing strategies, rather than spending our time on the mundane day to day tasks.

Thankfully there are a handful of tools available to help us manage our social media and automate a huge chunk of our daily tasks.

Disclosure: This is a professional review which gets compensated by some of the companies who produce the products mentioned. All of the products are tested thoroughly and high grades are only given to the best. We are independent writers and the reviews are based on our own opinions.

Begin 2019 by making the necessary changes to your marketing model and leverage the power of some excellent social media automation tools. You deserve the time savings!

To help make managing your social media a little less mundane, I have compiled a list of the Top 9 Best Social Media Automation and Management Tools for the smart marketer in 2019.

1. xVirally

xVirally Social Media Management Web App

xVirally by far has the best and most inclusive feature list out of any social media automation tools available. It is an all in one social media marketing suite. It most certainly edges out the competition with its extensive list of capabilities and easy to navigate interface. You can automate content posting across 20 platforms, search for trending content and create posts using a database of over 1 million high quality royalty free images. You can also auto reply to mentions, comments and messages. This is an enormous time saver for the busy marketer.

  • Automate content creation and post across 20 platforms in one click
  • No monthly subscriptions, unlike other competitor products
  • Add unlimited accounts and group them by niche or businesses
  • Access 1 million royalty free images and use the built in rich post editor to make them pop
  • Plan and schedule up to 10,000 posts per month up to 2 years in advance
  • Automate your messenger, comments and mentions replies for Facebook and Instagram
  • Access unlimited content with the built in RSS aggregator
  • Import content from Dropbox and search Twitter and Instagram for trending hashtags in your niche

2. Crowdfire

Crowdfire Social Media Management Web App

Crowdfire is a personal favorite of mine and one that I have used for a long time. In fact, within my first 30 days of using Crowdfire I was able to boost my follower count by 567. It provides a set of tools for finding new followers based on the interests you want to target and completely automates tasks that previously took me an hour per day and reduced them down to about 3 minutes total. It’s possible to try Crowdfire without spending any money at all, however you will only be able to manage and post to one social media account at a time. I used a free account for several weeks before I was completely convinced that it was worth upgrading my account, and it’s been worth every penny. Crowdfire aims to help you automate repetitive tasks and continuously focus on growing your social media presence.

  • Schedule and publish content to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Pinterest from one place
  • Curate articles from across the web from thousands of sources
  • Unfollow inactive accounts and track non-followers
  • 3-in-1 Scheduler + Viral Hashtag Tool + Photo Suggester for Instagram
  • DM Marketing allows you to go the extra mile with customer engagement 
  • In depth Twitter Analytics allow you to quickly evaluate your performance
  • Follow your competition and see how you stack up against them
  • Customize the best times to post everyday or use their automatic ‘best time’ to post recommendation for each of your accounts
  • Generate detailed reports and stats and export them effortlessly
  • Android and iOS apps

3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot Social Media Management Web App

SocialPilot is a very reliable tool for anyone who works in digital marketing and is incredibly simple to use. In comparison to its competitors, the price is perfect for a single individual or a small to midsize business. The repeat posting tool is simply the best and allows you to publish the same message several days to really build up reader interest. In addition to the popular social media platforms, it has integration for tumblr which can be vital for many social media managers. Overall, SocialPilot is an absolute top contender in SMM. It is one of the few SaaS platforms that consistently adds new features and offers in depth training.

  • Discover relevant and trending content for various keywords and influencers
  • Add up to 200 social media accounts in a single uncluttered view
  • Avoid ugly URLs in your posts with integrated URL shorteners
  • In depth social media analytics along with downlodable PDF reports
  • Add your team members and assign them social media tasks. Review and approve their work
  • Add your favorite blogs in RSS feed and let SocialPilot schedule and share them automatically
  • Schedule and share content from anywhere on the internet with their browser extension

4. Hootsuite

HootSuite Social Media Management Web App

Creating, optimizing, and posting social media for different platforms can take a lot more time than people are aware of. Hootsuite aims to solve this problem by allowing you to easily manage multiple accounts and switch between them with single clicks. The scheduling feature is extraordinarily helpful and will allow you to allocate your time towards more important matters that require a greater amount of attention. It has a built in photo editor that removes a lot of the guesswork when trying to resize an image to fit well on different social media networks. It is one of the most versatile tools on the market and will definitely cover all of the essentials you need for your day to day operations.

  • Save time and keep your social media presence active by scheduling your posts
  • Easily find, manage, and share compelling social media content
  • Boost your best performing content right from the dashboard
  • Monitor and follow topics that matter and respond quickly
  • Generate reports and assess the impact of your social media efforts
  • Integrate over 250 third party apps and tools
  • Manage and assign workflows to team members

5. buffer

Buffer Social Media Management Web App

buffer is a tool that will help you create and schedule and publish posts on a variety of different social media networks. Similar to Crowdfire, these networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. The user experience is very intuitive and easy to use. There is a powerful browser extension that allows you to collect posts from everywhere you go and add them to your scheduling queue with the click of a button. Buffer allows up to 100 posts per social media account, which should easily be sufficient enough for most users. Buffer’s paid plans will make the transition from a novice marketer to a professional social media manager very seamless.

  • You can use analytics to see your social media performance and learn how to improve your results
  • Schedule posts for all of your social accounts at once
  • Invite your team to collaborate, plan, and publish amazing social media content together
  • Courses and webinars will help you get started with Buffer and allow you to take advantage of their most advanced features
  • A worldwide team of customer advocates on standby to support you
  • iOS and Android support

6. Sprout Social

SproutSocial Social Media Management Web App
Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers one of the best social listening tools that will allow you to see who is interacting with your company or specific keywords you set up. The asset library is an excellent way to store images for later use and can be quite handy. Sprout Social is relatively easy to use considering that the dashboard and features are a mix between what SocialPilot and Kontentino offer. Another awesome feature is the profile comparison tool for different platforms which will assist you in designing and improving your brand strategy. Sprout Social will undoubtedly help you stay organized and get the job done with a minimal amount of energy spent.

  • Create posts tailored to each social platform
  • Schedule directly from your browser with Sprout’s extensions
  • Automatically target your Optimal Send Times
  • Optimize your Brand Keywords with Search Operators
  • Advanced reporting allows you to tag messages to track message performance by type
  • Assign and manage tasks to ensure customer inquiries fall into the right hands
  • Tag and filter messages in your inbox feed for easier management


Scoop It Social Media Management Web App

With you can quickly and effortlessly find curated content and broadcast it to multiple platforms simultaneously. It will allow you to gather pertinent content quickly without having to sift through hundreds of websites to gather relevant material for your followers. It can really be an effective asset to enhance your content marketing efforts. As a web developer, I’m always looking for new tools and I’ve found to be of great value. Overall, provides a robust platform for finding and sharing relevant and engaging content that is specifically tailored for your industry.

  • Get started in seconds by entering just a few keywords to find and scoop content in any language
  • Distribute content by connecting your social accounts to your profile on with a few clicks
  • Use bookmarklet to scoop and share any other content you discover out on the web
  • Integrate with WordPress, Wix and other platforms to drive traffic and leads to your Website
  • Measure views, visitors, shares and comments per day or per scoop and also integrate with Google Analytics
  • Fully functional iPad, iPhone and Android app

8. Socialert

Socialert Social Media Management Web App

This tool may not post to multiple social media sites at the same time, but if you’re looking for a hashtag tracking tool for Twitter then Socialert is second to none. This tool will assist you by helping to identify trends without having to spend a lot of time conducting keyword analysis or brand monitoring. It will also track your content’s reach and impressions and gives you access to powerful reporting tools. This tool will make social media monitoring a piece of cake.

  • Keyword and hashtag tracking tool, track every keyword related to your brand
  • Track all posts of a twitter hashtag as well any twitter account quickly
  • Analyze Twitter data on a real-time basis, so that you can know what other major influencers and competitors are talking about
  • Be updated with the ongoing industry trends seamlessly
  • Explore data filters to approach the right kind of audience and track hashtag usage in less time
  • Receive top tweets, links, and the list of other popular hashtags to help you understand what’s in and what’s not

9. CoSchedule

CoSchedule Social Media Management Web App

CoSchedule is a set it and forget it type of tool. It streamlines and makes the process of social media scheduling very easy. This tool is an excellent choice for mid to large sized teams and will help to ensure that everyone stays in the loop. It is quick and easy to integrate with a growing team as it supports multiple users and multiple accounts. The calendar view is also extremely helpful to have when you want to get a quick snapshot of your sales strategy at a glance. CoSchedule combines several marketing initiatives into one convenient and fairly priced package.

  • Get global visibility across all your marketing efforts
  • Plan next week, next month, even next quarter
  • Proactively create weekly schedules for your entire team
  • Bring your entire promotional workflow into one centralized location
  • Manage, publish, monitor, and analyze your entire promotional strategy in the same spot
  • Manage every step of the process and publish directly from CoSchedule
  • deliver projects on time and keep your team happy


As you can see, there are many services available to help make managing your social media and posting to multiple networks simultaneously a simple and effortless task in 2019. Whether you are a single person running a small business or a large marketing firm managing multiple clients, these tools will be of great benefit to you.

If you believe that I may have missed something, or failed to highlight other great tools, please contact me and let me know!

I hope that you have found this information to be valuable, and I hope that the use of these tools will help alleviate some of your unnecessary workload.

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